CFCS, Peking University Postdoctoral Fellowship Call for Applications 2021

Founded in December 2017, the Center on Frontiers of Computing Studies (CFCS), Peking University (PKU), is a university new initiative co-founded by Professor John E. Hopcroft (Turing Laureate) and Professor Wen Gao (CAE, ACM/IEEE Fellow). The center stands in the frontier of computer science, working closely with top universities and research institutions across the world, to build the world-class research center of theoretical computer science and a supporting center for interdisciplinary applications. Research areas span theoretical computing, artificial intelligence, computing and economics, bioscience, medical health, etc.


CFCS, Peking University invites applications for postdoctoral positions. Candidates in the areas of theoretical computer science, artificial intelligence, computer vision, computer graphics and etc. are encouraged to apply. Postdocs in the center can apply for Postdoctoral Science Foundation and Natural Science Foundation. In addition, candidates will have the opportunity to teach Turing Class students.




Each Fellowship is awarded for 24 consecutive months, including annual pre-tax salary 120,000 RMB (200,000 RMB for Boya Postdoctoral Fellowship), social insurances and housing subsidies, etc., and 60,000 RMB subsidy for postdocs with no postdoc flats. Postdoctoral supervisors at Peking University may offer extra subsidy based on the applicants’ academic potential and excellence, and performance.


Promotion Opportunities


Postdocs with two years' postdoc research experience are eligible to apply for senior research positions within postdoc track system at Peking University.




The fellowship is open to highly qualified researchers of all nationalities who are no more than 35 years old and received their Ph.D. no more than three years prior to the submission or are expected to have a Ph.D. within a year.


Postdoctoral Supervisors (A-Z)


Baoquan Chen
Research Interests: Computer Graphics and Visualization
Email: baoquan[at]


Kuan Cheng
Research Interests: Computational Models and Complexity, Pseudorandomness and Coding, Machine Learning, Networks
Email: ckkcdh[at]


Xiaotie Deng
Research Interests: Theoretical Computer Science, Algorithmic Game Theory, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Blockchain
Email: xiaotie[at]


Hao Dong
Research Interests: Generative Models, Computer Vision
Email: hao.dong[at]


Yuqing Kong
Research Interests: Intersection of Theoretical Computer Science and Economics
Email: yuqing.kong[at]


Libin Liu
Research Interests: Computer Graphics, Character Animation, Physics-Based Simulation, Motion Control, Robotics
Email: libin.liu[at]


Yizhou Wang
Research Interests: Computer Vision, Medical Image Analysis, Digital Arts


Xiao Yuan
Research Interests: Quantum Computing, Quantum Information, Quantum Resource Theories
Email: xiaoyuan[at]


Evaluation Criteria and Application


Selection is based on the applicant's education backgrounds, academic excellence, quality of the proposed research project, compelling demonstration of the anticipated synergy of the proposed research project and the host institution, recommendation, and the commitment of postdoctoral supervisor at Peking University.


Applicants should submit a curriculum vitae, 1-3 full texts of representative academic papers and a list of academic achievements, a brief statement of postdoctoral research and plan, copies of doctorate certificate and other supporting materials. Applications can be directly addressed to each faculty member:


Time Table


-For CFCS, Peking University Postdoctoral Fellowship: application is open all year round. Please contact for any enquires.

-For Peking University Boya Postdoctoral Fellowship:


Welcome to join us!