Kuan Cheng Assistant Professor


Room 206-3, Courtyard No.5 Jingyuan

Computational Models and Complexity, Randomness in Computation, Coding Theory, Machine Learning


Dr. Kuan Cheng joined Peking University in August 2020 and is currently an assistant professor at Center on Frontiers of Computing Studies, PKU. Previously he was a postdoc at University of Texas at Austin. He received his PhD in computer science from Johns Hopkins University in 2019. Before that he received his master degree in Tsinghua University and bachelor degree in Shandong University. His research interests mainly include computational models and complexity, pseudorandomness and coding. He is also interested in learning theory and networks. He has published many papers in top conferences of theoretical computer science such as FOCS, CCC, SODA, ICALP, TCC, etc. Major work of him focus on coding for edit distance and hamming distance, also derandomization for circuits and small space computation. He plans to further study these areas in the future, and also extends these results to other popular areas such as machine learning, quantum computation etc.


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