John Hopcroft Foundation


Turing Program is composed of two parts: undergraduate, known as Turing Class founded in 2017, and graduate student cultivation, which was started in 2019. The program gathers together world-class scientists to design the cultivation scheme and curriculum in various disciplines of computer science, including but not limited to computer software and theory, computer application technology, computer architecture, intelligence science and technology, software engineering, etc., aiming to build a world-leading whole package of talent cultivation program: from undergraduate to Ph.D. students. Professor John E. Hopcroft, Turing Laureate in 1986, a world-leading computer scientist, is deeply involved in designing the cultivation scheme and curriculum and teaches some courses by himself. He also provides one to one guidance to the teachers of other courses to guarantee the teaching quality.  



  • Promote the implementation of Turing Program with the joint funding from all sectors of the society.
  • Comprehensively improve computer science and artificial intelligence education and talent cultivation level at Peking University.
  • Cultivate a new generation of leading talents in computer science.
  • Appreciate Professor John E. Hopcroft in promoting teaching reform and related works at Peking University.


Funding Purposes

  • Scholarships
  • Invited talks
  • Curriculum construction
  • Teaching innovation
  • Academic communication
  • Competitions




Turing Program Management Committee, Peking University
Phone: 010-62757835