[Call for Speakers] The 7th CFCS Youth Forum on Frontiers of Computing

The 7th CFCS Youth Forum on Frontiers of Computing will take place on April 17-18th, 2021. This forum invites young scholars and rising stars in all computer science fields to gather at Peking University to exchange scientific discoveries and new technologies, to learn about the center and academic career at PKU, and to interact with the PKU Turing Class students. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this event will be held online.


a) Faculty or researchers at world-known universities or research institutes, or Ph. D students that are expected to graduate within a year from world-known universities with outstanding academic achievements.
b) Have a Ph.D from world-known universities or research institutes.
c) Have a strong willing to establish collaboration with the center.


a) Deadline: Please send a curriculum vitae, an electronic photo, biography, talk's title and abstract all in English to before April 2nd, 2021.
b) Feedback: Within 2 working days after receiving your application.
c) Confirmation of the speaker list: April 7th, 2021
d) Forum date: October 17-18th, 2021.
e) Contact: Cecca Yunli Yang


About CFCS Youth Forum
The center hosts the CFCS Youth Forum on Frontiers of Computing twice a year, which has become a platform for attracting talented young computer scientists from around the world. We invite candidates to give talks to introduce their research during the forum, and take the opportunity to introduce the center to them. With an ever increasing dynamic in the Chinese IT industry and partnership with universities, we also invite industry leaders to explore collaboration opportunities.


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About CFCS
Founded in December 2017, CFCS is a university new initiative co-founded by Turing Award Winner Professor John Hopcroft and Professor Wen Gao. Currently there are 8 faculty members, and 3 more joining in this Fall. The center has established close collaboration with the world leading universities and leading institutions, enjoying frequent academic visits by scholars from around the world. There are 4 visiting chair professors at CFCS, including 2 additional Turing Award winners: Professors Silvio Micali from MIT, and Manuel Blum from CMU.


The center stands in the frontier of theoretical computer science, such as game theory, information theory, quantum information science and cryptography, applied computing, such as visual computing and artificial intelligence, as well as the interdisciplinary research in robotics, computational economics, and art, to name just a few.    


The center aims at developing the excellence on two fronts: research and education. On the research front, the center provides a world-class research environment, where innovation and impactful research is the central aim, measured by professional reputation among world scholars. On the education front, the center is deeply involved in the Turing Class, an elite undergraduate program that draws the cream of the crop from the PKU undergraduate talent pool. New curriculum and pedagogy are designed and practiced in this program, cultivating a new generation of computer scientists and engineers who are solid in both theories and practices.