Turing Program
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  • Daqing Zhang Chair Professor Homepage

    Research Interests: Pervasive Computing,Wireless Sensing,Big Data Analysis
  • Xinggong Zhang Associate Professor Homepage


    Research Interests: Optimization of video streaming, Machine learning for VR/AR, Space-terrestrial network
  • Ming Zhang Professor Homepage


    Research Interests: Text Mining, Machine Learning, Graph Neural Network, Knowledge Graph, Recommendation Systems, HealthInformatics
  • Shiliang Zhang Assistant Professor Homepage


    Research Interests: Multimedia and Artifical Intelligence
  • Xin Zhang Assistant Professor Homepage


    Research Interests: Programming Languages, Software Engineering, Assured Artifical Intelligience
  • Zhihua Zhang Professor Homepage

    Research Interests: Machine Learning/NLP/Deep Learning/Reinforcement Learning
  • Dongyan Zhao Researcher Homepage


    Research Interests: Natural Language Processing
  • Huijing Zhao Professor Homepage

    Research Interests: Intelligent Vehicle, Mobile Robotics, environment perception, behavior understanding
  • Minghui Zhou Professor Homepage


    Research Interests: Software engineering, CSCW, Open source software digital sociology
  • Lei Zou Professor Homepage


    Research Interests: Graph Data Management, RDF Data Management, Knowledge Graph
  • Yanzhen Zou Associate Professor Homepage


    Research Interests: Software Reuse, Smart Software Development, Knowledge Graph, Commensence Reasoning