Turing Program
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  • Xiaojun Wan Researcher Homepage


    Research Interests: Text Mining and Natural Language Processing
  • Guoping Wang Professor Homepage


    Research Interests: Virtual reality, Physical-based simulation, Computer graphics
  • Liwei Wang Professor Homepage

    Research Interests: Machine Learning
  • Yizhou Wang Professor Homepage

    +86 (0)10 6276-0759

    Room 202-2, Courtyard No.5, Jingyuan

    Research Interests: Computer Vision, Medical Image Analysis, Statistical Learning and Computing, Digital Visual Arts
  • Yisen Wang Assistant Professor Homepage

    Research Interests: Machine Learning, Adversarial Learning, Graph Learning, Weakly Supervised Learning
  • Zaiwen Wen Researcher Homepage


    Research Interests: Large scale computational optimization with applications in science and engineering

  • Yunfang Wu Associate Professor Homepage


    Research Interests: Natural language processing; text generation; machine reading comprehension