Frontiers in Blockchain Research Lab

The Frontiers in Blockchain Research Lab was founded by Professor Xiaotie Deng in 2020 at Peking University, aiming to be always at the forefront of blockchain theory, technology, and application. In theory, we study the basic theories related to the field of blockchain in-depth, including cryptography, distributed systems, game theory, economy, etc. Technically, we pay special attention to the latest developments in the current blockchain world, including smart contracts, side-chain technology, cross-chain communication technology, privacy, and reputation mechanisms, etc. In terms of application, we clarify the application boundary of the blockchain, promote the construction of blockchain governance system, and propose solutions to cutting-edge problems in the blockchain application field and other interdisciplinary problems.





          Xiaotie Deng




1.  Preventing Spread of Spam Transactions in Blockchain by ReputationIWQoS 2020.

2.  An Efficient Permissioned Blockchain with Provable Reputation Mechanism, to appear.

3.  CycLedger: A Scalable and Secure Parallel Protocol for Distributed Ledger via ShardingIPDPS 2020.