[ICML 2021] Towards Distraction-Robust Active Visual Tracking

In active visual tracking, it is notoriously difficult when distracting objects appear, as distractors often mislead the tracker by occluding the target or bringing a confusing appearance. To address this issue, we propose a mixed cooperative-competitive multi-agent game, where a target and multiple distractors form a collaborative team to play against a tracker and make it fail to follow. Through learning in our game, diverse distracting behaviors of the distractors naturally emerge, thereby exposing the tracker's weakness, which helps enhance the distraction-robustness of the tracker. For effective learning, we then present a bunch of practical methods, including a reward function for distractors, a cross-modal teacher-student learning strategy, and a recurrent attention module for the tracker. The experimental results show that our tracker performs desired distraction-robust active visual tracking and can be well generalized to unseen environments. We also show that the multi-agent game can be used to adversarially test the robustness of trackers.


Virtual environment:


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