International Joint Conference on Theoretical Computer Science is Successfully Held

International Joint Conference on Theoretical Computer Science (IJTCS 2020) was successfully held online from August 17th to 22nd, 2020. Co-organized by Center on Frontiers of Computing Studies (CFCS), Peking University, China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, China Computer Federation, and Association for Computing Machinery China Council, IJTCS 2020 hosted 7 forums with 71 public reports covering the fields of algorithmic game theory, blockchain, multi-agent reinforcement learning, theory of machine learning, quantum computing, machine learning and formal method, algorithm and complexity, which were live-streamed on two platforms 13 hours per day, attracting more than 100,000 views.


Professor Xiaotie Deng at the Opening Ceremony


At the opening ceremony, Xiaotie Deng, general chair of IJTCS 2020 and chair professor of CFCS, Peking University welcomed everyone for participating the conference. Professor Deng shared the reason for initiating International Joint Conference on Theoretical Computer Science and hoped that through the conference all the attendants can generate new ideas, enhance communication and promote cooperation.

Conference Chair and Keynote Speakers Delivering Opening Remarks


Professor Silvio Micali from MIT, Professor Jin-yi Cai from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Professor Mingsheng Ying from University of Technology Sydney, Professor Jun Wang from University College London, Professor Xiaoming Sun from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor Pinyan Lu from SHUFE were invited as keynote speakers and delivered speeches.


Professor Jin-yi Cai Delivering Speech


Female Scientist Forum, Young PhD Forum and Undergraduate Research Forum were specially featured in IJTCS 2020 to showcase the active power of female and rising stars in theoretical computer science. The conference also held two closed meetings to discuss “how to better develop theoretical computer science in China” and “how to combine theoretical computer science with industrial application” with the attendance of European scientists in theoretical computer science and experts in industry.



International Joint Conference on Theoretical Computer Science, a high-level academic platform in the field of theoretical computer science, is devoted to providing opportunities for Chinese scholars to present their research works, strengthening cooperation with each other and the relationship with market and society, thus promoting theoretical computer science in China.


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