2020 Commencement Ceremony of PKU Turing Class

On June 28th, 2020, CFCS hosted a virtual commencement ceremony for the first PKU Turing Class students (Class of 2016). John Hopcroft, visiting chair professor of Peking University, director of CFCS, Wen Gao, dean of School of EECS, co-director of CFCS, Jianbo Liu, vice director, Office of Academic Affair, and other honorable guests were invited to attend the event. Baoquan Chen, executive director of CFCS, hosted the ceremony.



Professor John Hopcroft congratulated students on their graduation. In the commencement speech, he advised students to choose something that they are really interested in. "You get only one life to live. It is not the amount of money you are earning but the satisfaction that you will get from having made the world a better place for others in some small way, that you will find most rewarding", said John.



Professor Wen Gao mentioned that in the past three years Turing Class students have received well-rounded academic training and he was happy to see what students have achieved today. Professor Gao hoped that students will keep moving forward and have a bright future.



Professor Manuel Blum and Professor Lenore Blum, visiting chair professors of Peking University, and Professors Jianbo Liu, Shimin Ho, Zhenjiang Hu and Tiejun Huang, expressed their best wishes to the graduating students respectively.





Yifan Wu, one of the students from Turing Class, said "I may not be the special one, but I'm exploring on my own way with enthusiasm, in my own pace. I know all of you, my friends in the class, have each found your way and been taking your own pace".


The ceremony concluded happily with the "cloud" mortarboard cap conferring session, which was a special and memorable moment for all the students. Each student got the opportunity to have their own spotlight time and share their feelings.



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