Professor Baoquan Chen Hosts Paper Sharing Seminar of Turing Class


On the morning of June 17th, the paper sharing seminar of Turing Class was held at Jingyuan No.5 courtyard. Professor Baoquan Chen, Executive Director of the Center on Frontiers of Computing Studies hosted the seminar and gave his suggestions. 12 groups went on stage to present their recent read papers, reading experience and made a comprehensive presentation of the paper's motivation, contribution and theoretical insights, and discussed with the audience in the final Q & A session.


One student is sharing his paper in the seminar


After the seminar, Professor Chen expressed his recognition to students' performace and also brought requirements and suggestions. Professor Chen believed that a good presenter should take care of the audience's feelings and convey their ideas to the audience effectively in a short time. Not only a clear expression is required to transmit information effectively, but also an auxiliary body language and eye-contact with the audience. Professor Chen suggested that students can record their presentations themselves regularly and use the video to train their body languages, and also to find their shortcomings.


One student is sharing his paper in the class


In the end, Professor Chen and students Pizza Hut together. Professor Chen talked with students about their academic and campus life, and gave students a lot of inspiration on how to be a smarter audience, such as how to "be smooth" in the conversation, how to "squeeze professor's brain". The paper sharing seminar and Professor Chen's valuable suggestions benefit students a lot.


Professor Baoquan Chen in the sharing class