Professor John Hopcroft Starts Summer Course in Rainstorm: Mathematical Foundations for the Information Age


From July 16th to 27th, 2018, Professor John Hopcroft, Visiting Professor of Peking University and Director of the Center on Frontiers of Computing Studies, opened a two-week summer course "Mathematical Foundations for the Information Age" at Peking University.


On the morning of July 16th, under the heavy rain, Professor Hopcroft appeared in the classroom on time with his handouts. He interacted with students in the whole lecture. This course attracted nearly 100 students in and outside of Peking University to sign up.  Foundations of Data Science, the book that Professor Hopcroft participated in editing, is used as the reference book. A free download link of this book is provided on Professor Hopcroft's personal homepage for students' self-study.


Professor Hopcroft in the class


Students in the course of Mathematical Foundations for the Information Age