CFCS Participates and Delivers Reports in GAMES 2019, CAD/Graphics 2019


From May 4th to 6th, 2019, Professor Baoquan Chen, Dr. Hao Dong, Turing Class student Rundi Wu and visiting student Siyan Dong from CFCS, attended GAMES 2019 and CAD/Graphics 2019, and presented their research works. Professor Baoquan Chen was invited to serve as the President of GAMES 2019 and CAD/Graphics 2019.




Dr. Hao Dong delivered a report on "Introduction of Generative Adversarial Networks".



Turing Class student Rundi Wu presented his SIGGRAPH 2019 work on "Learning Character-Agnostic Motion for Motion Retargeting in 2D".



Visiting student of CFCS Siyan Dong delivered a report on "Multi-Robot Collaborative Dense Scene Reconstruction", which was accepted by SIGGRAPH 2019.



Executive Director of CFCS Professor Baoquan Chen hosted panel discussion.