2019 International Blockchain Seminar Saloon is Held at Peking University


On June 13th, 2019, 2019 International Blockchain Seminar Saloon, aiming to provide a communicative platform for experts to discuss the prospect of blockchain, was held at Peking University. Center on Frontiers of Computing Studies co-organized this seminar. Turing Laureate, Visiting Chair Professor of Peking University Silvio Micali, Executive Director of CFCS Baoquan Chen and Chair Professor of CFCS Xiaotie Deng attended it.


Panel discussion


Professor Baoquan Chen mentioned in the opening session that blockchain was closely associated with math and computer science. CFCS has attached great importance to the development of theoretical research, Professor John Hopcroft, Professor Silvio Micali, Professor Deng Xiaoping and Dr. Kong Yuqing of CFCS all have very strong theoretical background. He hoped that we could all use this opportunity to fully understand blockchain technology and discuss its future.


Professor Baoquan Chen in the opening session


Dr. Jing Chen in the saloon


Yi Sun in the saloon


Zhen Wu in the saloon