CFCS Holds the 1st Research Forum of CFCS and Turing Class


On June 22nd, 2019, the 1st Research Forum of CFCS and Turing Class was held at No.5 Courtyard of Jing Yuan.  Altogether, 9 groups of undergraduate students and 7 groups of graduate students participated in this exhibition and showcased their recent works, some of which have been accepted by top international conferences, such as CVPR, ICLR, ICML and SIGGRAPH. Professor Danny Cohen-Or from Tel Aviv University, Professor Baoquan Chen, Professor Xiaotie Deng, Dr.Yuqing Kong and Dr. Hao Dong from CFCS were invited as judging teachers. Around 50 faculty and students from top universities attended the poster session and were amazed by the outstanding performance of the youth.



Professor Baoquan Chen mentioned in his opening speech that  simulating an international conference, this forum serves as a "training ground" for the students, providing them an opportunity to present their works, promote their new findings, and engage in interactive communications, so as to prepare them for the future much bigger international stage. 




"Highlight Introduction" session was full of surprise. Each group needs to introduce their research works in 4 minutes and call for their posters. For most of students, even though this was the first time introducing their works in English, they performed very well, giving a clear and interactive presentation.  



In "Poster Exhibition" session, as we adopted "like on the spot" method of election for "Most Popular Poster" prize, every group used everything they could to show off their works, each with their own skills, and some of them brought their own computers to play demo videos. The atmosphere was lively, and several posters triggered a heated discussion. The judging teachers listened carefully to each poster and put forward their valuable suggestions. Students were in high spirits, and the scene of the event was no less than a real academic conference.



By live voting, Peng Cao, Yilun Xu from Turing Class of 2016 won the first prize of "Most Popular Poster"; Siyan Dong, Qiang Zhou and Kai Li from CFCS won the second prize of "Most Popular Poster"; Yiping Ma, Yifan Wu from Turing Class of 2016 , Chen Gong, Zhide Wei, Mengzhi Shi from Turing Class of 2017 and Tao Xia from CFCS won the third prize of "Most Popular Poster". Rundi Wu from Turing Class of 2016 won the "Best Presentation".



At the award ceremony, Professor Baoquan Chen said that oral presentation should focus on the audience. Form serves content, ensuring that the content can be accepted by most of the audience with different backgrounds in the shortest time. Professor Xiaotie Deng fully affirmed students' research works. As a teacher in the theoretical direction, he was pleased to see the practical application of research works. Dr. Hao Dong suggested that students could start with a background introduction when they show their works to listeners who are from different fields. Dr. Yuqing Kong praised students for their professional performance and looked forward to seeing that Turing Class of 2016 students could bring and share more research works after the summer research. Professor Danny Cohen-Or saw many new and interesting ideas from the presentations, encouraging students to stick to their dreams and enjoy the happiness of scientific research.