Peking University Holds Opening Ceremony of the 3rd Turing Class (2018)


On July 4th, 2019, the opening ceremony of 3rd Turing Class (2018), Peking University was held at No.5 Courtyard of Jingyuan. Professor John Hopcroft, visiting chair professor of Peking University, director of Turing Class Steering Committee, director of CFCS, together with professor Jianbo Liu, vice-minister of Department of Educational Administration, professor Wen Gao, Dean of EECS, professor Shimin Hou, vice-dean of EECS, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Xiaoliang Xiong, professor Baoquan Chen, executive director of CFCS and the faculty of Turing Class attended the opening ceremony. Professor Yao Guo, vice-director of Department of computer science, EECS, hosted this event.



Professor Wen Gao welcomed and congratulated students who have been selected and enrolled in 3rd Turing Class (Class of 2018). Turing Class Program initiated by professor John Hopcroft, is an elite undergraduate program, aiming to cultivate a new generation of computer scientist/engineers that are solid in both theories and practices. It involves the best teachers in and outside of the PKU to ensure the first-class level of Turing Class in the world. Professor Wen Gao introduced the origin of Turing class to the students, briefly reviewed Turing's great contributions in the fields of theoretical computing, artificial intelligence and cryptography in his short life, and put forward his expectations for the students.



Professor Jianbo Liu thanked Professor John Hopcroft for his contribution to this program, as well as the leaders and faculty of EECS for their strongly support. He put forward expectations for Turing Class from the aspect of teaching reform and subject development.



Professor John Hopcroft mentioned that talent is the most important power in promoting social development, that is also one of the reasons for the establishment of Turing Class. Professor John Hopcroft hoped that students will receive the first-class education in this class. One piece of suggestions given by Professor John Hopcroft: "If you want to be successful, you've got to do what you enjoy doing”!



After the ceremony, Turing Class students (Class of 2018) and the faculty took a group photo on the lawn of Jingyuan. At present,  the 3rd Turing Class students are studying in summer school, and most of them have taken the“Mathematical Foundations for the Information Age " course taught by Professor John Hopcroft.