Invited Talks

Hedonic Diversity Games

  • Edith Elkind, University of Oxford
  • Time: 2020-07-07 21:00
  • Host: Dr. Yuqing Kong
  • Venue: Online Talk


We consider a setting where players belong to two types (men and women, vegetarians and carnivores, junior and senior researchers) and need to split into groups, with each player having preferences over the proportion of the two player types in his or her group. We study the problem of finding a stable partition, for several game-theoretic notions of stability; while some of the problems we consider turn out to be polynomial-time solvable, others are NP-hard, in which case we also explore their parameterized complexity.

Based on joint work with Ayumi Igarashi, Robert Bredereck and Niclas Boehmer.


Edith Elkind is a Professor at University of Oxford. She obtained her PhD from Princeton in 2005, and has held positions in the UK, Israel and Singapore since then. Her interests are in algorithmic game theory and computational social choice, and she has published over 100 papers in top AI and algorithmic game theory venues on these topics.  She has served as a program chair of AAMAS'15 and ACM EC'18 and a general chair of AAMAS'19, and she was recently elected to be the program chair of IJCAI'23.