CFCS Invited Talks

Combinatorial Statistics: a Common Theme and a Few Examples

  • Prof. Jian Ding, Peking University
  • Time: 2022-11-02 11:00
  • Host: Prof. Xiaotie Deng
  • Venue: Room 204, Courtyard No.5, Jingyuan


In this talk, I will describe some recent progress on shotgun assembly problems and random graph matching problems. Through these examples, I wish to convey the flavor of the topic of combinatorial statistics, and why it calls for joint efforts from statisticians, probabilists, researchers from applied sciences. The talk is based on recent joint works with Hang Du, Shuyang Gong, Yiyang Jiang, Haoyu Liu and Heng Ma in various combinations.



Jian Ding is a professor at School  of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University. His research interests are probability theory with focus on interactions with statistical physics, theory of computer science and statistical inference: random planar geometry, spin models, random Schrodinger operators, network recovery problems, etc. Before joining Peking University, he has been a postdoc at Stanford and a faculty at University of Chicago, a Gilbert Helman Professor at University of Pennsylvania, after his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley in 2011.