CFCS Distinguished Lectures

Big Graphs: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Prof. Wenfei Fan,University of Edinburgh
  • Time: 2020-11-15 16:00
  • Host: Prof. Baoquan Chen & Prof. Lei Zou
  • Venue: Room 204, Courtyard No.5, Jingyuan


Big data is typically characterized with 4V's: Volume, Velocity, Veracity and Value. When it comes to big graphs, these challenges become more staggering. A number of questions remain open. Does parallel processing suffice to cope with the volume of big graphs? Can it guarantee to reduce runtime when more machines are used? If not, is it possible to query big graphs under limited resources at all? Is there a systematic method for developing effective incremental algorithms in response to frequent updates? Is it possible to uniformly query relational databases and graphs using, e.g., SQL? How can we unify logic rules and machine learning models, to improve the quality of graph-structured data? This talk aims to incite interest in these topics, and raises as many questions as it answers.


樊文飞院士,英国爱丁堡大学信息学院主任教授、中国科学院外籍院士、英国皇家学会院士、欧洲科学院院士、英国爱丁堡皇家学会院士、美国计算机协会会士(ACM Fellow)。深圳计算科学研究院首席科学家、北京大学深圳研究生院南燕荣誉教授、清华大学杰出客座教授。毕业于北京大学(本科,硕士)和美国宾夕法尼亚大学(博士),任职爱丁堡大学前为美国贝尔实验室科学家。曾获得英国皇家学会Wolfson研究成果奖(2018)、欧洲研究委员会ERC Advanced Fellowship(2015)、 英国Roger Needham奖(2008)、海外杰出青年学者(2003)、美国CAREER Award(2001)、Elsevier网络科学刊物年度最佳论文和最杰出作者奖(2002)以及数据管理四大国际顶级理论与系统会议的时间检验奖和最佳论文奖:Alberto O. Mendelzon 时间检验奖/ACMPODS十年最佳论文奖(2010和2015)、ACM SIGMOD(2017)、VLDB(2010)和 ICDE(2007)最佳论文奖。目前主要研究领域为数据库理论与系统,包括大数据、数据质量、分布式计算、查询语言、推荐系统和社会网络精准营销。