John E. Hopcroft Professor

Room 105, Courtyard No.5, Jingyuan

Theoretical aspects of computing


John E. Hopcroft, Visiting Chair Professor, Director of CFCS, Turing Advisor at Peking University, Chair Professor at Cornell University. He received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Seattle University (1961) and received both his M.S. (1962) and Ph.D. (1964) in electrical engineering from Stanford University, A.M.Turing Award Winner (1986), Member of NAS (2009), NAE (1989), AAAS (1987), IEEE (1987) and ACM (1994). Einstein Professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2010), Chinese Government Friendship Award Winner (2016), Foreign Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2017).


Hopcroft's research centers on theoretical aspects of computing, especially analysis of algorithms, automata theory, and graph algorithms. He has coauthored four books on formal languages and algorithms with Jeffrey D. Ullman and Alfred V. Aho. His most recent work is on the study of information capture and access.